The A - Z Of Jio Prime Membership

The A - Z Of Jio Prime Membership

Reliance Jio has completed the 100 million customer base this month, mostly due to the Free Jio Happy New Year Offer. On 21st February 2017, Reliance Jio announced the Jio Prime Membership and the Jio Everyday More Value Offer. On pen and paper that may look quite impressive and attractive, but are they good in reality? Let’s look at The A - Z Of Jio Prime Membership and analyze whether they will be worth the money. Get all latest news about iPhone, iPad Air 3 & iPad Rumors.

The A - Z Of Jio Prime Membership

Jio Regular Tariff Plans:

From 1st April Onwards, Reliance Jio is going to offer its Regular Tariff Plans. If you don’t know the plans yet, you can check out the Jio Tariff Plans List. For every tariff plan you choose, you get the following:
  • Free Voice Calls across the country to any operator in India. No Local, STD or Roaming Charges will be applicable.
  • Unlike other networks, No Calls or SMS Blackout days will be counted on Jio Network ever. So, you get to wish your friends on Happy New Year and other festivals for free of cost.
  • There will be no Hidden Charges associated with Reliance Jio Network. You get what you pay for. No extra costs. Period.

Jio Everyday More Value Offer:

No wonder, Jio has created a revolution in the telecom industry in the last few months. Every Operator has come forward with attractive Data, and Voice Plans to satisfy their user base. The plans were quite competitive with the Jio Base Tariff Plans.
This created a ‘Data and Value Anxiety’ among the users. Every user has been thinking whether they are getting a good amount of data or voice calls which they are paying for.
Jio is trying to solve this problem once and for all. Hence they are introducing the Everyday More Value Offer for every Jio user. Under this offer, all Jio customers will get the following:
  • Jio will monitor all publicly announced data plans by all other telecom operators on a regular basis, and Jio will match the highest selling tariff of each of the other telecom operators.
  • Also, Jio will provide 20% Extra Data to their customers in each of these plans.
So, you no longer have to worry if you are getting the best values with Jio.

Jio Prime Membership Offer:

Jio has reached the 100 million customer base target this month in just 170 days of its launch. So, it has brought a unique privileged offer to us, the first 100 million customers who trusted in Jio. This particular offer is the Jio Prime Membership.

What is Jio Prime?

Jio Prime is a privileged Membership subscription for Jio Users. This subscription will continue offering the Unlimited Data and Voice which Jio is offering currently. It will also offer the entire bouquet of Jio Services for free including JioTV, JioMags, JioCinema, JioNewspaper, JioMusic, etc.
Lastly, Jio Prime Users will get special discounted offers from other partner companies. Jio has already tied up with many businesses and is likely to bring interesting stuff soon enough.
The Jio Prime Membership is only open for the existing Jio Users and those who joins the Jio Network on or before 31st March 2017. That is the deadline. Afterward, you cannot accede to the Jio Prime Membership.

What does the Jio Prime Membership Cost?

The Jio Prime Membership Enrollment cost is Rs99.
But don’t think that’s all. It’s not. You still need to pay Rs303 per month for the next 12 months to avail the benefits of Jio Prime.
So let’s calculate the total costs involved.
Its Rs99 for enrollment + Rs (303 x 12) for 12 months which totals Rs3735. That is around Rs10.23 per day.
On US Dollars the total cost is 55.76$ per year or just 0.15$ per day roughly.

Jio Prime Subscription Validity:

The Jio Prime Subscription Enrollment Program will start on 1st March 2017, Wednesday and continue till 31st March 2017, Friday.
The Jio Prime Subscription will begin from 1st April 2017, Saturday and run until 31st March 2018, Saturday.

How to avail the Jio Prime Subscription?

The Jio Prime Subscription can be enrolled via the MyJio App or the Website online.
But well, if you are not comfortable paying online, you can also enroll for the Jio Prime Subscription Offline from the Jio Retail Stores. Just walk into your nearest Retail Store and spend the money and you are done.
After the subscription period starts, you need to pay Rs303 every month. That can also be paid online as well as via the Jio retail stores.

Jio Prime Review: Is it Worth the Money?

So, the question remains whether the Jio Prime Subscription is still worth buying. As the time frame is small, you just get the March month to decide whether you want to go for it.
So, let’s break and analyze what exactly you will be getting in the Jio Prime Subscription. Here’s our short review of the Jio Prime Subscription.

Voice Calls and SMS:

Under the Jio Prime, you will be getting all Voice Calls Free (I am not sure about Video Calling, since they didn’t specifically mention Video Calling Free, I will update if I come to know about it).
You can call Local and STD to any operator as long as you want.
So how many minutes do you call every day? Some of us are always glued to the phone, while some of us never call unless it’s too important. Well, let us take the bare minimum of 10 minutes of important calls per day. That totals 300 Minutes of Calling per Month.

4G Internet Data:

You will get 1GB high-speed 4G Internet Data to use Everyday. After 1GB, you can still use Unlimited Data for the whole day at a speed of 128kbps.
Let’s ignore the slow speed data and take it as 1GB of Data per day.
So, in a month, you will be getting about 30GB data to use. With each new day, you get 1GB raw data to use.
Ohh, well, I almost forgot; you also get unlimited high-speed internet between 2 am, and 5 am every day. In case you need to download movies or other huge files, you can push it at that time.
So, at Rs303 (ignoring the Rs99 initial payment), you will be getting flat 30GB Data and Unlimited Calling. You will also be getting the JioTV, JioNewspaper, JioCinema, JioMags, JioMusic and other subscriptions with that. 

Analyzing the Jio Prime Subscription:

Currently, the market price for 1GB 3G/4G Internet is Rs250 with the top telecom operators Vodafone, Airtel and Idea.
The calling rates are around 1.2 paisa per 2 seconds which roughly equals 36 paise per minute. More loosely speaking, you can talk for about 2.5 minutes for Rs1.
So, for a 300 Minute Talk per month, you need at least Rs120 which is the bare minimum. You never know when you have to talk more.
In addition to these, you have to recharge with Power Plans or Rate Cutters which cost from Rs30 to Rs80 per month.
So, in other operators, you have to shell out at least Rs150 to Rs200 per month for calling itself. Even if you don’t look at it, its reality.
Also, try using 30GB of 4G Internet in other telecom operators, it will cost more than 2.5k alone in a month.
But in Jio, you will be getting Unlimited Calling and 30GB Unlimited Data for just Rs303 per month. It’s a steal deal for sure.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions):

These are the list of questions I received from friends. I am trying to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

Note: This list is still growing. I will add up more questions if I get any from people, and try to respond them.

1. What is Jio Prime?

Ans: Jio Prime will let you enjoy all the services just like you're doing right now for one full year, with complimentary access to Jio Digital Services and apps.

2. How much does it cost?

Ans: A one-time payment of Rs. 99 only. The subscription must be purchased during the period between 1st March, 2017 to 31st March, 2017.

3. What are the charges I need to pay per month?

Ans: Rs. 303 per month.

4. What do I get if I enroll?

Ans: You will get 1GB LTE data per day, unlimited calls, unlimited messages and free roaming for a year.

5. What is the total amount payable during the offer period?

Ans: Rs. 99 (One-time payment)+ 12x Rs. 303 (Recharge per month)= GT-Rs. 3,735 payable

6. Is there any FUP limit?

Ans: You will get 1GB LTE data per day (365GB data for one year). After 1GB/day FUP limit speed will be reduced as per terms and conditions.

7. What about calls, SMS, roaming, Jio Apps?

Ans: All of these will be free.

8. Will I be eligible for Jio Happy Hour?

Ans: Yes, enjoy unlimited high-speed LTE data between 2AM-5AM
Final Words:
So, here’s my review of the Jio Prime Subscription. According to me, yes it is affordable and very user-centric. An average internet user should not feel bad about this plan.
You also get a 1-year lock on your subscription. So, for the next 12 months, you don’t need to pay anything extra than the above-mentioned value even if Jio Tariffs change in between.
Well, that being said, if you are totally a voice call user, do plenty of calls but never use any internet, then the Rs149 unlimited calling plan will be best suited for you.
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